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Fitting a New Head Unit
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Mon Aug 10 2009, 10:15AM
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This guide contains step-by-step instructions on installing a new head unit into a Ka. This is what I did on my 53 Sportka, but most of it will apply to any Ka. I did it to get MP3 compatibility, but what surprised me was how much better the sound quality was over the standard Ford 6000 stereo.

The unit I fitted is a Pioneer DEH-P4100SD. Nothing too fancy, but it does have iPod compatibility and an SD card slot. I bought a 16 GB SD card for £20 to save me keeping my iPod in the car all the time.

The whole job should take no more than an hour to complete.

1. Shopping list
Here's everything you'll need. The fascia plate is the correct colour for my Sport. Other models may vary. Note that it's best to pay extra and get the Ford fascia because it's a perfect colour match and comes with a clip and aerial adaptor.

New head unit, obviously. (Pioneer DEH-P4100SD) £138 from Amazon
ISO to Ford harness adaptor (Autoleads PC2-08-4) £15.99 from Halfords, but cheaper online
Sportka facia plate Cosmos Grey, aerial adaptor, hanger clip (Ford part number F1320215) £34.95 from [-Link-]
DIN-E radio removal tools/keys (Autoleads: PC5-83 or Halfords' own) £4.99

2. Eject any CDs in the old head unit
It's very easy to leave your favourite CD in the old player!

3. Disconnect battery
Some may say this is not necessary, but it only takes a minute. Use a spanner to loosen the leftmost nut of the negative terminal (circled). Pull the lead off and move to one side. Apologies for my messy battery!

4. Remove old unit
Insert both keys into the holes until they click, then pull them towards the doors to disengage the unit. It should then pull out. Chuck it in the bin. OK, maybe keep it just in case.

5. Disconnect fog light switch
Remove the green plug from the fog light switch. The switch itself comes out of the front of the fascia. Allow it through by squeezing the metal springs.

6. Disconnect leads and aerial

7. Check clip fits OK
The white plasitc clip which comes with the Ford fascia is used to hold the back of the stereo in place. This pic shows me making sure it fits OK. I then removed it and screwed it onto the new head unit (next section).

8. Fit clip to new head unit
The white clip screws onto the new head unit using a screw which came with the stereo. The nut I used came with the Ford facsia, but a similar one also came with the stereo.

9. Fit aerial adaptor
The aerial adaptor came with the Ford fascia.

10. Fit leads and ISO adaptor
Here, I connect the ISO lead which came with the head unit. I then connect the ISO->Ford adaptor leads.

11. Fit fog lamp switch to new fascia plate
Push the fog lamp switch through the front of the new fascia. Make sure you get it the right way up (light at the top).

12. Connect fog lamp switch lead
Reconnect the green fog lamp plug to the switch.

13. Fit fascia
Clip the new fascia into the dash.

14. Remove trim from new head unit
The black trim from around the new head unit should be removed. I pinched it from the top and bottom and it pinged off.

15. Connect leads
Connect the brown and black plugs. They are both black on the car side, but one is a bit bigger than the other. On mine the smaller plug had one pin less on the car side. However, this pin is not used and the plug fit fine without it so you can't go wrong. Also, connect the green aerial lead.

Beware of any bare wires; wrap insulating tape around the ends if necessary.

16. Insert head unit into dash
Once it's all cabled up, fit it into the dash by hooking the white clip under and into the hole. It's a bit fiddly. Then, simply push the unit in and the clip should slide onto the slider.

Alternatively, you have the option here of securing the cage into the hole first. However, this means you have to reach behind the dash to fit the clip, which can be difficult. See comments below for details.

17. Fit trim
Clip the black trim onto the stereo.

18. Reconnect battery

19. Rock!

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Fri Dec 11 2009, 06:10PM
Registered Member #225
Joined: Sat Oct 31 2009, 11:19AM
Location: Wakefield
Posts: 611
One question, why do you need to disconnect the battery? I did electrical installations at college but car electrics will obviously be different? but I'm guessing it's just for safety measures.

[ Edited Tue Jan 26 2010, 09:02PM ]
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The Howard
Mon Dec 14 2009, 06:56AM

Registered Member #21
Joined: Thu Aug 06 2009, 09:06PM
Location: South Wales
Posts: 1264
yea, its purely for saftey and the fact that it could be possible to short something to earth and blow quite alot of fuses


[ Edited Tue Jan 26 2010, 09:05PM ]
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