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2.0 zetec strip and rebuild with photos
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Author Post
Wed May 30 2012, 08:32PM
Built, not bought!
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Joined: Tue Nov 22 2011, 08:52PM
Location: Manchester
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I'm going to start a thread with a zetec disassembly, check over and rebuild, and I'll take lots of pictures and post them. Should this go in guides? Or modifications maybe??

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Wed May 30 2012, 09:30PM
Hercule's Mummy

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Joined: Thu Aug 06 2009, 09:34PM
Location: Chester
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Im sure admin will move it if they deem it not to be in the correct area.
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The Howard
Thu May 31 2012, 01:50PM

Registered Member #21
Joined: Thu Aug 06 2009, 09:06PM
Location: South Wales
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once the thread gains some momentum and is being updated pretty regular then it will be moved into the project section.
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Tue Jun 05 2012, 07:19PM
Built, not bought!
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Joined: Tue Nov 22 2011, 08:52PM
Location: Manchester
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What is this?
This thread follows a part time project to strip, check and rebuild a 2.0 zetec engine, prior to fitting into a 1996 ford Ka2. I will post when there is an update and I cannot guarantee that I'll be finished any time soon.

Ok. So this thread comes with the caveat that it may contain errors and mistakes. I am not a professional auto mechanic and I cannot guarantee any particular outcome for you, your engine or your vehicle. Anyone following these instructions does so entirely at their own risk. You have been warned. If you have any doubt contact a professional for advice.

In the beginning:
This guide covers the dis-assembly, cleaning, checking, upgrading and re-assembly of a 2 litre Zetec-E '05/98 and on' engine, commonly known as a Black top.

If it goes well then I will cover the fitting of the engine into a ’96 Ford Ka2, replacing the Endura engine ford fitted, but we’re getting ahead of ourselves!

I am assuming that you have bought a second hand engine – mine came from eBay, and as such I know nothing about its internal condition. So there is no info here on how to remove the engine from the donor vehicle. For this info please see section 2d•1 of Haynes manual 4167, Ford Focus Oct 2001 to 2005 (51 to 05 reg Petrol & Diesel.

On getting your engine home you will have discovered that its really REALLY heavy. I’m going to need good access to it so the wheel barrow its in right now will have to go. With all the ancillaries and exhaust manifold I recon it weights 250 KG. I’m putting it on a engine stand but that means lifting the engine. To lower the weight I’m going to remove the ancillaries to lighten it and give me half a chance.

Here is a pic of the auxiliary belt and what it's driving...

The first thing I'm going to do is remove the belt.
To do this put a spanner on the tensioner and turn it. The belt will slacken and you can remove it with the other hand.

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Tue Jun 05 2012, 07:30PM
Built, not bought!
Registered Member #1927
Joined: Tue Nov 22 2011, 08:52PM
Location: Manchester
Posts: 300
Now the belt is off, I can remove the ancillaries quite easily. I'm going to start at the top. So Power steering pump first. There is no specific skill here. Just unbolt it.
The pump is attached to a bracket which I will also remove and clean.

Here you can see when I have removed the power steering pump.

Next the alternator. Just two bolts hold it on, but I will also remove the bracket that its attached to so I can clean it up...

The first two bolts are here...

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Tue Jun 05 2012, 07:40PM
Built, not bought!
Registered Member #1927
Joined: Tue Nov 22 2011, 08:52PM
Location: Manchester
Posts: 300
I'm now going to move over to the other side of the engine and I'll remove the clutch.

Its quite rusty and I'm going to remove it. It's held on by 6 M10 bolts which are the black, non rusty bits you see below:

With the clutch off, you can see the bolts that hold the flywheel on, this is also coming off because this end of the engine is getting bolted to the engine stand...

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Tue Jun 05 2012, 08:09PM
Registered Member #1568
Joined: Sat Jul 09 2011, 12:19AM
Location: Scampton, Lincolnshire
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Watching with interest, as I would like to strip and rebuild my Focus engine at some point.
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Wed Jun 06 2012, 02:18PM
Registered Member #1907
Joined: Sat Nov 19 2011, 09:38AM
Location: Australia
Posts: 72
Good thread. where is the subscribe button?

btw the engine will weight about 180kg+ with no ancillaries. Definately need an engine crane mate.

Good luck though.
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Wed Jun 06 2012, 02:38PM
Registered Member #1754
Joined: Fri Sep 16 2011, 03:38PM
Posts: 955
I think the subscribe option is there if you use the post reply button rather than the quick reply.
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Wed Jun 06 2012, 05:15PM
prince pete
Registered Member #1070
Joined: Thu Dec 09 2010, 09:32PM
Location: WALSALL
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theres a track this thread button next to the title
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